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East is East formed way back in 2007 in a bedroom of Jonas's mom's house.... Since then East is East has played bars, clubs, auditoriums, and amphitheaters.

East is East is best described as Alternative rock in its truest sense. It is a great alternative to what you may hear on the radio or on your MP3 player. A rich blend of pop hooks, rocking riffs, bluesy breakdowns, and great ecletic energy.

All the members contribute their own influences to make a harmonius almalgamation of pure awesome. With a very familiar sound that also dives into some welcome experimentation, East is East delivers jetpack-leather jacket amount of cool to the rock world.

The band's first album Provenance shows just what you want to expect from the raw charm of East is East. From this point forward East is East will deliver nothing but good music drenched in pure awesome.

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